When good service is a necessity 

Whilst sitting in a well known restaurant/bar I over heard the table next to me bid their farewells and the guest say “I had better leave and clear my things away before your next guest arrives to ensure confidentiality” as she scooted off.

Almost immediately the next guest arrived greetings were made then the waitress brought the bill from the previous encounter. This is not my card he exclaimed “oh this is the one that the lady with you gave me Mrs xxxxxx. Has she gone?” Replied the waitress.

The guest explained no she had not but was probably sitting else where and she had gone to the bar to exchange her card for his.   The waitresses response was Oh! Well what do you want to do?

The guest then had to go over to the person and give her the card back. When he returned the waitress had left to find his card which she found and processed.

Quick efficient service, smooth processes and an understanding of how to be tactful and show some emotional intelligence is a must in hospitality.

So much for confidentiality!!

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