When bad customer service can give grounds for divorce

I recently had to pick up some Thai Currency at the money exchange booth at my local supermarket. When I popped in with my husband I did not expect it to potentially cause a divorce …. luckily my husband has a great sense of humour which saved the day. It shows that confidentiality is everything!

Whilst making polite conversation the man that served us asked if my trip was business or pleasure, business I explained, I am speaking at a conference.

He then asked if I was travelling alone to which I explained yes…. his reply “oh only there is someone else also picking up the same amount of Thai currency today which is really unusual so wondered if they were travelling with you”.

My husband did a double take, I burst out laughing and explained to my hubbie actually darling there is something I have been meaning to tell you.. luckily he found it as funny as I did though said this would be your response if you were having an affair to laugh it off! Gulp!

We both looked at the young man and explained that perhaps asking if I was accompanying someone was not the best idea, he then looked at his paperwork and said “you’re obviously straight, don’t worry Sir that other traveller is a woman”.

This is where I then had to explain to my husband that I had not been outed by supermarket employee and that I was neither gay nor unfaithful……. just imagine if I had been it would definitely have been a case of every little doesn’t help.

Use this story to remind your team the importance of confidentiality and tact!

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