We’re all celebrities –  What we can learn from the jungle 

Having watched the I’m a celebrity get me out of here 2016 leaving party it struck me how much better it was to watch this year, unsurprisingly the camaraderie and friendship was more enjoyable than the bickering, point scoring and arguing of last years series.

So what can we learn from this…. 
Often in the hospitality industry we are thrown together as family unit particularly as so many of the team have traveled across continents to work and live in or close to their workplace. Far from home with no family locally, this mixture of nationalities, sexes, ages,  religions and cultures find ourselves bound together through thick and thin. Not unlike I’m a celebrity with it’s eclectic mix of individuals.

So what lessons can we learn from this cohort of I’m a celebrity;

1. JFDI – Just xxxx Do It

Pull your weight and don’t be precious whether it’s cleaning the dunny, getting water  or cooking when you do not know how, ensure you fulfill your task, get it done no matter how much you hate it, even if you are outside of your comfort zone. Do it with good grace and to the best of your ability.

2. Teamwork – Dream Work

Teamwork is everything, sometimes you will be faced with challenges that you can only succeed in together.  Challenges will rise or fall on how you perform as a team, especially when it is something you do not want to do. Take one for the team!

3. Be yourself

In this years series there were less divas, show offs and wannabes. From broadcasting legends, Olympiads and genuinely good kind people like Scarlet they rarely tried to score points off each other and on the whole were honest genuine people.

4. Respect each other

Whether it be Larry’s knowledge and fatherly advice to individuals that wanted to learn how to dance from Ola and Jordan. The youngest to the oldest, each respected the others skills, knowledge, youth or approach to life.

5. Have fun and don’t take yourself or life too seriously

Adam spent the majority of the time laughing and loving. He took the micky out of people and accepted some leg pulling himself, above all none of it was cruel. Throughout the camp all you could hear was his laughter and see his hugs. From making Wayne jump when accosted by goats or laughing at himself being spooked by spiders his chuckle became the soundtrack of the jungle.

6. Brains, brawn, catwalk or comedy

Each brough their own particular skills to the party. They shared these,  taught each other to dance, cook, light fires, muscle dance and be able to overcome adversity. When was the last time you shared your skills with your teammate and allowed them to shine?

7. Be inclusive

On entering the jungle Martin and Danny had to integrate very quickly despite challenges designed to devide and conquer quite literally with the royal and servants challenge. They managed to over come these, remain together and bring their new team mates into the fold. Mostly they accepted each others idiosyncrasies and found a way to work with them.

8. Face your fears 

There are so many times we do not want o undertake tasks, go the extra mile or apply for the next role because we are scared to take the next step. Face your fears, challenge yourself and you may find it is not as scary as you thought it would be. Keep moving forward challenge yourself and the world and all it’s benefits could be yours.

9. Celebrate each others success.

From day one the celebrities talked of how others should win. They were thrilled when Scarlett became queen of the jungle and basked in her glory. They were as happy as she was, if they were jealous we saw little evidence of it.

10. Whatever your role be humble, be real and don’t be up yourself. 

When we watch Ant and Dec, their delivery and ability to act, speak and deliver in a way that we can all relate to we want to watch them more and become fans. No matter what position you are, how successful you become, keep it real, be humble and don’t forget to have fun.

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