This is your moment to shine 

This #teambrief #lineup is dedicated to the team @principal_hotel brand who have their launch party today. However the message is one that every company can share with their team.

A few delivery notes- 

This would be delivered in the last 5 minutes of a brief as the energiser and leave them with a lasting positive message. 

Gather the team in a huddle. 


Every once in a while we get the opportunity to stand out, to rewrite the copy book and to shine. Today is our opportunity.

Over the next few days we will be showcasing what we do best – hospitality. By remembering and living our values and vision we can ensure we are consistent in our approach and be the best we can be.

Ask: Why is that important – what’s in it for you?

Say: We will have our stakeholders, press, friends and colleagues arriving  from around the globe. What impression would you like them to have of you. 


Get noticed not just the hotels but ourselves.

Do you want people to know how great you are? 

Ask: I know you know our values and I am sure you feel they are said a little too much but today and everyday hereafter living and breathing them is EVEN more important  so ….What are our values again?

Buzz the team to illicit and answer ( buzz means to randomly ask people )

If we remember these in our interactions, our behaviour and our attitude we will deliver excellence.

Say:- Today is your moment to shine and let everyone of our guests know just how fantastic you are and why we chose you. 

We have done the hard part – we have these incredible and icon buildings that have been refurbished sensitively and imaginatively to bring out their grandeur.  

We have a fantastic restaurant and menu that people are already talking about.

Most importantly we have you.

I know you have been working incredibly hard ever since, what seems forever and now we can show the world what we have achieved. 

So let’s shine


Randomly pick individuals ask them different questions, here are some examples

How will you do that today for our guests?How will you shine for yourself?            How will you shine for each other?       How will you ensure our environment shines?

Today is your moment….  be aware, have fun,  give your best but above all bask in the glory of your own and our teams hard work. Let’s Shine

For your notice boards

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