Strategy & Culture

Working in partnership with our clients to define their culture and translate it into positive, relevant behaviours at every level, ensuring organisations achieve competitive advantage and improved performance.

Vision, Values & Culture

Establishing a clear organisation culture that guides behaviours, recruitment,  performance and strategy has been identified as the most important factor that contributes to a company’s success, yet 65% of businesses do not have this aligned approach. We can help you build your “Framework for Success” and ensure your people have a clear direction and the perimeters within which they can make the right decisions.

Board and senior leadership facilitation

Developing the right strategy that is aligned with your culture is imperative if you are to succeed as a business. We work with boards and senior leaders to help facilitate and enable them to find a clear direction. We ask the “killer questions” and cut through the politics to ensure a growth strategy is established

Executive coaching and mentoring

“It’s lonely at the top” The more senior individuals become, the more isolated they can be, often receiving less development. When they reach this stage, having a business coach or mentor can improve their own and their companies performance profoundly. We have access to a wide range of industry mentors and coaches to ensure we find the most beneficial match.

Organisational change programmes

In today’s complex business environment change is inevitable, from mergers, acquisitions, divestitures to restructures yet many organisations fail to implement change successfully, resulting in wasted time, money and attrition. The people stuff is left to HR yet it is a leadership issue. Often leaders simply do not have the skills to navigate their way from `Impact to Integration’. We have developed a framework to help organisations successfully implement change and give their leaders the competencies and resilience to navigate the new landscape.

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