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Today’s blog is dedicated to the IOH students attending today’s conference. As promised here is the cunning plan.


  • Be clear about what you want, what you wish to stand for and make it happen
  • Be focused and set out your plan
  • Find a mentor
  • Audit yourself against the above criteria
  • Be so good that if anyone says anything negative about you no one will believe them
  • Visit to understand the latest Facebook privacy settings
  • Audit your social media – ‘Google’ yourself not just web also images.
  • Complete your linked in profile and use it to build your PR and network
  • Visit – search for CV infographic.
  • Double check spelling and grammar
  • Develop your elevator statement – three sentences that sum you up
  • Read, learn and treat every encounter and day as a school day
  • Use youtube, Flipboard and as additional learning tools
  • Read the headlines daily – Twitter moments are a good source
  • Get out and about, meet people, find out their interests and what makes them tick
  • Practice your handshake – firm and confident but not arrogant
  • Before attending an interview learn as much as you can about the company you are applying to and who is interviewing you. Do your homework
  • Be interesting and interested

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