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When you work within the hospitality industry it’s always interesting to visit a hotel or restaurant at shift change, their gaps in service, processes and people skills always stand out. Even the best can get it wrong resulting in guests not returning or lousy reviews across the myriad of sites. Guests don’t understand that there is a weak link in service when handovers, late arrivals and last-minute absences are exposed. ( along with just after opening and just before closing these are the service danger zones that leaders should seek to reduce ensuring a consistently exceptional service for every guest, every time. )

It was with trepidation, therefore, I decided to pop into the Hard Rock Hotel London to see how the service and standards were at this crucial time of day.

I was pleasantly surprised, particularly as over the last few years I have noticed a decline in the eye contact floor teams give unless they are in front of you. I believe this is one of the downsides of technology, people are so used to looking down at their phone they have lost the habit of looking up and scanning the room. Though it was busy but not rammed, team members smiled at me as I wandered around looking at the memorabilia, illustrating they had been trained to look up, notice and engage in conversation ( not just acknowledge ).

Whilst wandering around I saw three teambriefs / handovers being conducted, unobtrusive yet obviously hitting the point, whilst those finishing their shift remained focused on the guests arriving.

Bars were being set up for a busy evening, banter (always appropriate but adding to the atmosphere ) appeared to be happening between team members as they switched over. It was calm, controlled yet still had the Hard Rock hallmark.

Francesco gave me his full attention, despite only arriving at work 20 minutes earlier, offering suggestions, subtly upselling ( nicely done! ) and delivering an excellent drink.

The Hard Rock is known for its exceptional customer service and the highest standards, however, in the past, I haven’t always received this in other countries. London was different they were spot on, I’m impressed. This can not be achieved by only delivering preopening training or induction, they have obviously kept the message alive and maintained momentum through delivering exceptional teambriefs.

If I walked into your restaurant or hotel between 4:30-5:30 what service would I receive? Unless it is consistently excellent I suggest you send your managers and supervisors to the mjinspire skillsbootcamp – 90 minutes of Inspiring learning with practical tips and tools they can immediately bring back to the workplace and use.

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The Teambrief skillsbootcamp takes place on the 14th August 2019 in Central London 10:30-12.

As for the Hard Rock hotel they were rock and ready to go.


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