Mise en Place is not just for hospitality, be fired up and ready to go.

Anybody who works within hospitality knows the importance of Mise en Place, doing it can make the difference between a successful shift or a shambles. Literally meaning ‘everything in place’, from the chefs preparing their ingredients and floor teams setting up their station to bar staff restocking the back bar. This secret to success is relevant to every industry, in my case I think of it in business terms.

I see January as an opportunity to press the reset button, look forward, let past mistakes and missed deadlines go (having learnt from them) and approach the forthcoming year with optimism and a sense of purpose. As we head towards the New Year this is the perfect time to do your Mise en Place, here is mine;


Set out your goals and be clear about your vision for success in the coming year, a simple format would be to follow the six P’s.

Profit, Product, People, PR, Process and Personal


Get your tools ready, like the first day of school clear out your pencil case and bag, buy a new rubber and notebook. Ensure your uniform is pressed, you have new shoes and have downloaded the latest software and virus update on your computer.


Be ready to succeed, put your ‘cunning plan’ together, archive candy crush and over the next week focus on getting rid of as many outstanding items on your to do list as you can.

Once done as Obama would say you’ll be “Fired up and ready to go”. Here’s to a successful 2018

When deciding your People and Personal plan why not take a look at the mjinspire skillsbootcamp, ‘engaging learning in 90 minutes’, it is a great way to develop yourself and your team. Click here for more details


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