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I love books that you can dip in and out of, that you can use lessons from to motivate others and learn from yourself.
This book does just that. Richard Reed, co founder of innocent drinks equate his success to four pieces of advice he was given just when he needed them. Since then whenever he meets someone he asks them for a piece of advice they would share with others. Richard has interviewed his friends, associates and anyone he feels we would benefit from hearing  wise words from. He asks them a simple question:-

If you could tell others one thing?

From superstars to sportsmen, comedians to chefs and politicians to philanthropists. Each one give us a little nugget of wisdom.

Short but sweet their advice are lessons we could share with our team on a daily basis to help make them even better people, us better leaders and our businesses more successful.
My book is already covered in post it note tabs and highlighter markers. I suggest you buy one and use it to inspire yourself and your team.

If I could tell you one thing by Richard Reed is available from Amazon.
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