Keep it brief – It’s all in the delivery

The magic of team briefs

Since I started posting daily #teambriefs in Sept 2016 my following has increased and many of you are not aware of why I started to post the briefs or how to get the most benefit from them. I have therefore decided to update this blog which acts as your how to guide.

Having worked with leaders across retail and hospitality many either do not give briefs at all or deliver only operational briefs that only inform not motivate the team. When I ask why their reply is often that they do not have time to research or deliver a fun and engaging briefing/ lineup. I therefore decided to give them a helping hand by doing the research for them, these briefs may include quotes, blogs, videos or stories that give key operational messages and can enhance leadership or service. Each brief I post also includes a picture or article these can be printed off and displayed on your notice boards, making them the boards more interesting and keeping the messages alive for those who were not on shift.

Simply reading the briefs will not fulfil your business targets, it’s all in the delivery.

The message can be transformed from just words into an energising and motivational 5/10 minute umph! at the end of your teambrief if delivered with passion and expertise.

Here are my top ten tips for delivery:-

1. Look immaculate, start on time and be a role model, as a leader your behaviours are magnified. Your team will mirror your actions, dress and attitude

2. Always deliver standing up, it’s harder for them to drift off and creates energy

3. Form a semi circle and buzz the room – never ask a question in order always randomly pick a person, even picking the same person twice, that way everyone has to pay attention

4. Speak from the heart not the piece of paper – learn what you are going to say or say what you believe in

5. There should be a 60/40 talking split – they do most of the talking. When I run training sessions on delivering briefs with panache that is always the hardest part for managers, most find it easier to tell the team rather than ask them and gain buy in.

6. Vary the topics so it does not become mundane – if you can link to current events all the better, though there are only so many times you can use Trump!

7. Make the brief relevant to them, use stories and examples they can relate to. Collect stories and ask them for some

8. Post the accompanying picture on your notice boards to remind them of your key message or to inform the ones starting their shift later – ask a team member to run through the message with those who arrive after the others, it does not always have to be you. Cascading the message is a great way to embed it

9. Be consistent, deliver a brief every day, even if is simply a one liner and two minutes long – I once delivered a three minute brief to five people in a cleaning cupboard at Lingfield Racecourse, it was the only space and time we had.

10. Above all be positive and energizing – they will carry that mood onto the shift – your customers will feel it, want to stay longer, spend more and tell others

Visit my site at or contact me about our mini masterclass in delivering briefs with panache for your HOD’s, team leaders and supervisors. Visit for up and coming leadership sessions including team brief delivery.

Thank you,who also have a generous spirit, for allowing me to use your team brief photo

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