How to make motivation a habit

Motivation, we hear the term all the time from motivating ourselves, particularly at this time of year in order to achieve our goals, lose weight or exercise more or from a business perspective motivating your team achieve more…. willingly. If you google the word you will find about 140,000,000 entries, a visit to Amazon shows 160,303 books available on the subject. Surely with that much information available we should have mastered it by now, however sadly not, according to research by Gallup as reported in Harvard Business Review 70% of employees are still not engaged.


It’s confusing, with so much information leaders, especially supervisors and first timers don’t know where to start or how to relate what they have read into daily behaviours that make sense for them and the business, they need development to be able to interpret what is out there, receive some practical tools and form their cunning plan.

Development is expensive, many businesses understand the need to develop their leaders but with increasing pressure on staff numbers and maintaining the bottom line, training gets pushed back. “We can’t afford to release people for a day, week or programme this year”.

It is yet another thing to cross off the list, if we think of motivation as a task to be checked off the leadership to do list each day we have already failed.  We need to develop a leadership style and set of behaviours that will motivate teams without  having to think about it so that is becomes more authentic and not forced.

The Solution

Understanding the psychology of motivation can help, whether it be Hertzberg, Maslow or Gostick however there are many leaders that know the theory but still don’t translate it into daily behaviours.

elearning programmescertainly reduce the time away from the business and can be accessible from anywhere, however research from Deloitte LLP has shown that only 11% of under 35’s and 17% of over said they preferred it to face to face learning. 60% want a more collaborative learning environment and 72% said it was difficult to relate the learning to the workplace. There is a gap between the learning and the daily activity, this could be resolved through the use of quarterly learning sets that bring teams together to discuss how they will use the tools and support each other. This is a method many of my clients are now undertaking to support their already paid for elearning subscriptions.

Practical cost effective development could be the answer, something that combines the theory with practical tips and tools delivered in an accessible way that allows them to develop their motivational skills. In today’s market something that is short, sharp and that can give an introduction to the topic with some practical tips which could build to a more in depth development solution at a later stage is the solution.

The mjinspire Skillsbootcamp – Engaging learning in 90 minutes is the answer. On the 24th January at the Park Plaza Westminster we are running the “Be a Master Motivator followed by Coaching and Feedback” development sessions, you can send 1 or 100 delegates and they can attend either or both sessions and still be back in the workplace by lunchtime. Now that is worth motivating your leaders and supervisors  to attend.

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