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Performance = Motivation x (Function + Ability + Training + Environment )

There are three times of the year when influencing your team becomes even more important, times when you need to push the reset button and get everyone fired up and ready to go including yourself.  As a facilitator and keynote speaker I have found that September, January and the beginning of a new financial year are the perfect times to realign the troops and refocus them on your goals, culture and being the best they can be.

Never under estimate your impact as a leader 

Senior leaders and business owners can have a huge impact on the team, something which is often forgotten beneath a pile of spreadsheets and head office requests.  In a recent hospitality based research project 85% of those questioned said they wanted to hear directly from the boss face to face. Team members stated they found their owners and senior managers highly motivating but rarely saw them. This can be so easily rectified by taking a wander through the business, saying hello to everyone; being noticed by the boss especially when they remember a small fact about you can be hugely inspiring and promotes loyalty.  The added bonus is that it can remind you of why you joined the industry in the first place. If you combine this with the delivery of a 30 minute ‘State of the Nation’ three times a year not only will you rouse the troops and inject some of your own passion and charisma, it will give your team a common goal – the thread that can hold them together whatever their Job role.

The ‘State of the Nation’ can directly impact bottom line profit

When I speak to seniors leaders to debrief their ‘State of the Nation’ time and again they talk about how invigorated they felt afterwards and how many team members stayed back to give ideas and comment on the business, some of those ideas translated directly to bottom line profit.

Deliver your ‘State of the Nation’ but ‘Keep it Brief’

This can be delivered several times a day as drop in sessions so that you can capture as many hearts and minds as possible without compromising business continuity and service standards. Once you have them in the room, the key ingredients of a successful ‘State of the Nation’ are: Short, sharp, engaging and inspiring, here is a typical structure:

  1. 5 minutes on how far your have come (no excel spread sheets please yawn!)
  2. 5 minutes highlighting individuals who have stood out (Individuals love to get noticed)
  3. 15 minutes on your vision for the coming months – don’t forget to use positive hot-words and emotive language. Remember your pitch, pace, posture, pauses and power of three.
  4. 5 minute story to bring it alive – If you have not got any stories (I can’t believe that) you can always use some of Michael Heppell’s from his catalogue of books.
  5. 5 minute summary and call to arms – You want them to walk away feeling energised and motivated

For more tips on your delivery take a look at my previous blog. Keep it brief – It’s all in the delivery

Not sure where to start, how to structure your ‘State of the Nation’ or #teambrief or want some tips on your presentation style contact me on I run regular ‘State of the Nation’ surgeries for business owners and leaders.

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