Emotional Intelligence a must have skill in business.

Whatever services or products they sell organisations are a people business, whether it is managing & engaging your own people to ensure they deliver excellence or making an emotional connection directly with clients, guests and customers. Forging positive relationships is crucial to success especially as you move up the ranks, however often our employees are promoted because of their technical ability more than their “people skills”.

Whilst cognitive intelligence, the ability to assimilate information, be creative, use intuition, solve problems, and make decisions is important, it is the ability to understand and manage the feelings of oneself and others then act and respond appropriately that will make the difference and in turn translate to sustainable bottom line profit. How many times have we heard someone put forward a valid argument or solution which gets lost in the delivery because of their perceived “attitude” or the timing?

The good news is we can develop our emotional intelligence skills along with our technical and cognitive ability, by understanding what EI is, where we need to improve and then be given the skills and techniques to do so.

The mjinspire BootCamp – Inspiring learning in 90 minutes, starts them on their development journey. Delegates will gain an understanding of emotional intelligence, measure their own EI skills, then be given the practical tips and tools to take back to the workplace and use immediately. This is combined with online curated articles and additional resources to help them to continue to explore topics.

With the increasing demands we face in the workplace, finding the time and money to take teams out of the business to learn is becoming even more challenging , which is why we have developed BootCamp. Run monthly in central London with pop up’s due in Manchester and the Southwest, the two back to back sessions of complimentary topics can build your teams expertise yet still have them back in the workplace by lunchtime.

On October 22nd, 8.30am-midday at The Principal Hotel London we are running an Emotional Intelligence session followed by mentoring skills. At £99 per person per session or £180 for both it won’t break the bank either.

Contact us at hello@mjinspire.com for details or DM me.

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