Diligence – Builds Character


Watching the build up to the Invictus games it made me reflect on the importance of diligence and how it can shape your character and performance. Today Prince Harry spoke of how the games have given injured servicemen and women something to focus on and aim for. It gave them the strength to carry on and the motivation to recover.

Diligence can be defined as careful and persistent hard work and effort – never giving up. How many times have we said how we wished people would take responsibility and see it through. This does not happen by chance it takes determination and dedication as often it would be so much easier to give up especially when we come up against obstacles or challenges.

At work overcoming these problems and challenges are becoming an ever increasing part of our day to day which can derail us and make it harder to achieve our aim of delivering world class service for our customers and clients. It is only through concerted effort, consistent approach and diligence that we can keep on track and deliver the level of service our clients expect and that we are known for.

I was once told that it is not success that defines our character but how we recover when we have fallen, our diligence can ensure that when we fall we pick ourselves up, put in the effort, try again and ultimately succeed. Just like our Invictus games athletes are doing at the moment.

How diligent are you?

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