50 shades of Southern Rail


You say we’re back on track, but are we? We used to be fine back then, before July 2015 but something changed, you changed.

You see I don’t know if I can trust you anymore.

You were the dependable one, you always got me there, yes I know sometimes we’d have to do it standing up but I was ok with that. Nowadays I always have to stand, it leaves me hot and sweaty before work, you’ve  become too popular you see and I have to compete with the others.

Night after night you leave me waiting uncertain if you’ll show. Then you’re late, of course. I am left there tired, cold and wet or you’d fill me with anticipation and then suddenly stop with no explanation so i’d have to call the man from Uber.

Being with you is so expensive, paying for hotel rooms and taxi’s so I can meet new people and now you’re charging even more for the basic service. I don’t know if I can afford to stay with you, let alone afford the extras.

I know you say you’ve changed but honestly the trust has gone.

We’re through! I’m moving….. To Manchester. Virgin trains are so much more reliable.

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